Hot Guys

Googled hot guys


So I’m sitting here in bed, Pandora on hard rock, and think “hot guys!”

No, I’m not horny. I just had a discussion with my boyfriend the other day about hot girls. And how I don’t mind if he wants to look at half-naked or naked pictures or watch porn occasionally. It’s fine, long as he just looks, and doesn’t cheat on me with some skank in a bar.

But then, I asked if he’s okay with me looking at hot guys (I was kidding around, who seriously googles hot guys? I mean, besides gays. I’m not saying girls don’t watch porn- just googling hot guys? Um. Okay.) And he wasn’t totally okay with it! Like, double standard?

So I did it. He’s watching a movie upstairs, he won’t know. Anywho, the pictures did nothing for me. Besides disappoint me. Like, where the fuck was Jensen Ackles?? There was Harry Styles, or whoever he was, and a bunch of half-naked men, but seriously, NO DEAN! Like, I am still crushed.

Google, you have failed me.


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