Pole Dancing

I want to pole dance

Without fail, every single damn time I tell someone I want to learn pole dancing, they laugh at me. They’re just blown away. Maybe it’s my innocent face, and they just cannot grasp that someone who looks so innocent wants to pole dance. Because y’all know pole dancing is equated with strip clubs.

And speaking of strip clubs, I still want to go to one.

The other night I hung out with this girl, and we’ve only just met, so I started off with, “This probably sounds weird, but I really wanna pole dance.” And get this? She high fived me. Said she wants to learn as well, and was just as pleased to find someone who shared her interest as I.

The possibility of actually taking a class with someone is thrilling. I don’t want to go my first time alone, because how not fun is that? Now, fingers crossed, this place offers one-time classes- and with availability. My new friend is home from college right now, so this needs to happen.



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  2. All I have to say is… DO IT!!
    I started my first pole classes back in November and I’m beyond addicted. I had a friend who was going to join with me and then backed out last minute (I was not happy) but I had been waiting so long to start pole and decided to just do it by myself! I don’t regret a thing, you meet some great people!
    I have friends who are still shocked (even my boyfriend is because he hasn’t actually seen me do anything yet lol) that I do pole! I have that same “innocent” look that you seem to have lol I’m the quiet girl who can rock a pole! šŸ˜‰
    You will have the time of your life, I promise you!


    • Yay! I’m glad you did it, and having so much fun. I will definitely look into doing it. My friend has gone back to college, so cannot do it with me after all. But I think after the initial embarrassment, I’ll love pole dancing. (I cannot dance to save my life. Unless I’m drunk and in a club, with dark lighting and packed to capacity. lol)


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