Way You Made Feel

This is a poem I wrote in October 2012, but thought I’d share it on here.


It’s been awhile

since I last saw you,

feels like forever

even longer since we talked

you never cared what I had to say

but I miss telling you shit anyway


You told me so many lies

I blindly believed them

you called me foolish,

I hung my head

You made me feel ashamed

for trying to believe in you, in others


You turned around asking me to trust you

and since it’s my nature,

I said yes

hoping the lies were done


And when you said you weren’t using me,

I believed you

When you said you like me a lot,

I believed you

When you said we’re friends,

even without the sex

I believed you


Clearly I see they were all lies now

I see I was played

I’m okay, I can handle that

I understand you’re not man enough

to be honest


Maybe it wasn’t intentional

yet you tore me down

made me feel so unworthy and shitty,

like I could never be good enough

You made me feel ashamed of who I am,

like I’m not worthy of love


Did you know that all I wanted

was to make you happy?

that I wanted a friend I could trust?

I wanted a friend

And now I see all you wanted was

someone in your bed

Why I ever let you make me see any

different, I don’t know


My happiness doesn’t lie within you

I’m fine all on my own

Sure I miss you

but I sure as hell don’t need you

‘Shit happens’ you always say

Hell yeah it does

thanks for showing me that


tell me your thoughts!

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