Gay Marriage?

I don’t care.

Ok, so maybe I should be all up in arms and jump on the bandwagon for gay marriage.

But I’m not.

This is how I feel:

-love whoever you want to love, I don’t care

-get married

My problem is this:

-gay couples have sued pastors and photographers who refuse to marry/photograph them

This is wrong on so many levels. First off, pastors refuse even straight couples for various of reasons- they just go find someone else to marry them. It’s not like they’re hard to come by. Same with photographers, go find someone else.

Why are you forcing someone to participate in something they don’t believe in, when wouldn’t you rather have someone there who wholeheartedly supports you?

My other problem is the following:

-if gays want the benefits of marriage (insurance, all that good stuff), why can’t they accept the term union?

They still get the exact same rights, everything!

Now, like I said, I don’t care. Let love flourish. I don’t care if they get married. I just don’t vote for it. Call me a hater, a homophobic- whatever. I don’t care. I don’t hate them at all. I would never treat them less than human.

But I am getting sick of all this “you don’t support gay marriage?! You’re so intolerant” and all that other stupid bullshit. I am quite tolerant actually- but to those who cannot respect my decision to not vote for gay marriage or actively support it, you are intolerant. Not me.

On this note, let me end with a quote by Rick Warren:

“Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”

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