Crooked Teeth

And a crooked smile.

I always had badly crooked teeth. To the point I never had an open mouthed smile in pictures.

Well in January 2010 I got braces. Seven months later my front teeth were even, and I can’t recall having a closed mouthed smile in another picture again.

Now though, I’ve had my braces off for, oh, nine months now? and I still have dreams where my front teeth have shifted apart, given me a gap once more. I wake up, freaked out, and immediately have to check my teeth.

But I guess when you go from a huge gap, to perfect front teeth (I’ve gotten dozens and dozens of comments on my teeth) freaking out is okay. Like I said, my gap was awful. And when I have dreams I went back to it, I panic.

I still wonder if that’s normal, to have dreams about your teeth shifting and getting that gap back. I told mom the other day, and she found it rather amusing. And because it is just dreams, I laugh too. But the way my heart races and I wake up, and run my tongue over my teeth…It’s frightful.


tell me your thoughts!

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