I was single.

There, I’ve said it.

I feel like a terrible person. Like a total bitch.

He is wonderful, loving, supportive, caring- would do anything for me. Gets up at 6 in the morning and brushes the snow off my car and gets her started for me. Goes out and gets me food when I’m hungry. Even if he’d rather not, he does it.

My happiness is important to him, and he’ll do anything to make sure I’m happy.

And yet, here I am sitting in bed while he’s at work, wishing I were single. It’s not something random, but I’ve been feeling like this for a few months now. But especially more so lately. Because no matter how amazing he is, I cannot stand his jealousy.

So why am I not happy? I honestly don’t know.



  1. I felt the same way a while ago.
    Take the time to really weight on what you want! And if being in the relationship isn’t what you want right now… then don’t be in the relationship. It’s hard to break away from someone, but sometimes you just really do need time to yourself and to start new things. The whole “It’s not you, it’s me” thing isn’t a bunch a crap lol
    Do what you think is best for you, not him. You have to make yourself happy because if you’re not happy, he won’t be either.
    Chin up! =)


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