Got my Baby Back!

On a brighter note.

Yesterday’s post was full of pain and anger. I realize this. So this evening, I have a happier one.

The last weekend of March 2013 my 1991 Chevy Camaro’s transmission went out. I had had her engine rebuilt the summer of 2012, so having her tranny go out was quite depressing. And honestly I thought maybe I’d have to part with my beloved.

But alas, right before Christmas a family friend, plus our mechanic, found a tranny for my baby.

Then he took my car, and over the past few weeks has been working on her. He didn’t just swap transmissions. He put the driver’s door panel back on. He fixed her dashboard and put a carpet-y cover on and it looks amazing. He popped out the driver door dent (not wrecked from me). He¬†had been given free paint, and offered to paint her for free. I thought about, and agreed. I love her original color but honestly, she needed the paint job.

Today I go to my parents, and eagerly await the arrival. Thirty minutes later, he shows up and I rush outside. I tried to acknowledge him but my eyes were glued to my baby.

She is perfect. She is running. And best of all, her heater finally works! I drove her for three winters without heat, and finally…it’s fixed. I didn’t even know he fixed it. Talk about a great way to begin 2014! Nothing makes me as happy as my baby.

In fact, when I meet people and I feel awkward and shy, I just start talking about her, and showing off pictures. I love her. And she’s back. I haven’t felt this happy since…well, I don’t know when.

I just know when I have her, everything is ok. Everything will be ok.

tell me your thoughts!

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