It goes a long way.

My friend is pissed because I didn’t get upset and down over her latest problem. I don’t feel guilty- even though she hasn’t spoken to me in over 24 hours.

She is always negative; upset over something. I’m sorry, I just cannot always be negative. And now she’s mad because she doesn’t want to be positive, and I am. Maybe it’s just me, but trying to see the good things, searching for little things to be positive over makes life better.

I’m not saying I’m never negative, God knows I am. I just try to look on the bright side most of the time.

Like, this new year, 2014. I could be pissed and upset because in the first fifteen days I’ve had big fights with my boyfriend, my Camaro won’t pass inspection without a catalytic converter and I just want to drive my baby- I could make a list of all the things gone wrong, and cry about it. Let me get me depressed and wail that 2014 is a horrible year, and I hope it gets better, blah blah.

Or I could be positive.

My Camaro got a transmission; my mechanic didn’t charge me the outrageous prices a shop would have. He gave my car a free paintjob, and fixed a lot of her little body issues. I still have my Camaro, and she’s almost legal. Just a little more time.

My boyfriend and I have made up, and things are going great. We’re not perfect so clearly our relationship won’t be either.

I get paid three times this month (which I just learned that today…woot, woot!).

I get to see my nieces and nephew that live two hours away in another couple of weeks. And I haven’t seen them since June due to my crazy, hectic life. (Ok, so it’s because I was busy with CNA classes, clinical hours, and I was working overnights- not that crazy or hectic compared to some people.)

I got to hang out with my older brother, who I rarely see.

See? I could go on. Or I could be whiny about the negative/bad things. But why? Why do I want to intentionally dwell on the shit, and be miserable? Life’s too short to spend it miserable.

I get we all have days where we’re like fuck it all. But the next day? Brush it off. Find something positive.



  1. Being positive really can go a long way. Sometimes, positivity can be the difference between getting through the rough patches in life and being defeated by them.

    One of my resolutions for the year 2014 is to, not only be more positive, but to also speak more positively about things in general. It’s easy to let life’s obstacles and hurdles get us down, but if we continue to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, like you suggest here, I truly believe we can live more fruitful, peaceful, and happy lives.

    I know that when I have been negative in the past, or I’ve let a difficult event or occurrence get me down, I struggle to even enjoy the good things that are going on in my life.

    So, I completely agree with your sentiment here and I know that our positivity will take us much further than our negativity. Don’t let your friend get you down just because she likes to bask in her own misery. Great enlightening post! Stay Positive!


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