3 Girls & a Promise

3 Teenaged Virgins.

Not that we three went around and called ourselves virgin. Nor were we high and mighty about being virgins. It just was.

I guess we were fifteen, and fourteen. Somewhere in that range. I could have been sixteen, them fifteen. Anyway.

All three of us had decided to remain virgins, and not be peer pressured to give it up. No matter what. We swore to help each other to hold to it.

Fast forward about 3-4 years, and both of them had had sex. I was still a virgin.

Another few years, and I’d had sex. My virginity had been stolen (my previous blog Life Changing Experience tells all).

One lost her virginity because she was in love, and knew he wanted sex, and wanted to make him happy.

The other lost hers due to her boyfriend pressuring her, from what I gathered. (Contact remained very, very spotty and months upon months in between.)

And I? Well, I made it to 20 before handing my V-card over. Due to a crazy plan to get laid and have the guy. Sure, I got the guy, but he nearly destroyed me.

Being a virgin isn’t a bad thing. Having sex just to please the guy you’re with, when you’re not ready is wrong.

Sex should be special. Or maybe I’m old fashioned.

Regardless. Sex is meant to be enjoyed. And if you’re fucking someone to make them “happy” but inside you’re upset- don’t. fucking. do it! Just stop.

Don’t have sex to keep a guy. Don’t have sex to get a guy. Have sex for you.


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