Mary Jane…Weed


Whatever name ya got for it, go for it.

I have never smoked marijuana, and I have absolutely no desire to. The smell alone makes me feel gross inside. It gives me a headache.

Which, I’ve been told, bad pot does that. But I’ve been around the “nice stuff” and it still makes my head hurt, and my stomach roll. It’s just not a pleasant smell for me.

I have no interest in pot. I don’t really care if people smoke it. I don’t even care it has less negative side effects than alcohol and cigarettes.

But where my interest does lie is this: just stop with the demand of legalization for medical purposes. Just. fucking. stop. Fuck.

I see it all over Facebook- medical marijuana saves/helps so-so!! Legalize this shit! Whoo-hoo! Fucking fantastic.

But do you guys not realize that legalizing pot for medical purposes still does not let you smoke it? Because the majority of all potheads are not smoking for medical reasons! Dumb asses.

My problem is y’all are simply fucktards for promoting legalized pot for medical purposes when all you care about is smoking it to get high. Stop pretending you’re concern is with the people who can be helped by it, when that’s not what you care about.

Sure, maybe as a side note that’s what you care about, but it is not your main concern. Don’t pretend it is. Stop lying.

Like I said, I don’t give two shits about pot. Legalize it, don’t legalize it. I don’t care. But if it does get legalized, it needs to have the same restrictions as alcohol: 21 to buy, no driving and getting high; fines for buying for a minor.

And that is how I feel about pot.


tell me your thoughts!

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