Sex is the Answer

It’s not a question.

I’m not saying meet a stranger and go fuck them. Then again, if that’s your cup of tea, go for it. But for the sake of the people in your future who you’ll be fucking, use protection.

And don’t give me the stupid spill about “I hate condoms.” 1) No condom, no hook-up. 2) Sex with condoms is better than an STD/STI- especially one that you can’t cure.

Anyway. Everyone loves sex. Or anyone that’s had sex, loves sex. Unless they’ve never had good sex. But is there bad sex? I’ve heard not, but maybe that just goes for the male population because I have had bad sex.

The guy gave great oral, but I couldn’t even fake my enjoyment long enough for him to get off. Although I guess it could be more due to the fact he wouldn’t shut up. Like, if you’re going to fuck a stranger, and said stranger requests a condom before penetration, you either agree to do it, silently, or you decline, and the night ends.

That’s final. Or should be.

He complained as he put it on. He had snide little comments to add. And I was simply done. I said I was leaving. And I left him with blue balls. I didn’t even care. He was being a douche.

So again. Maybe it wasn’t bad sex, but more bad person. Who knows.

Months later, I had a boyfriend. And everything ends up in sex. It doesn’t matter if we’re fighting, and I super angry. We both used each other for sex. I know the whole “Make up sex is fantastic!” line, but honestly, it didn’t mean we made up. It just meant we could fuck, and then get back to arguing.

Sex is fun. Sex feels good. But I think sex with someone you care about is even better than random hookups. I’ve joined the random sex world a few times, and I must say the best sex doesn’t come from that world.

But that’s just me.


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