Things I Wish I Knew

Way back then.

Not that I’m very old, I’m only twenty two.

Yet there are things I wish I had known sooner. Like:

1) If you’re the second woman, you’ll never be first. Ever.

2) Life does go by very fast, and I should have never put off my CNA classes so long. I could be halfway through my pre-reqs for nursing school if I’d done things a whole lot sooner.

3) Editing a book takes real effort and time. Not just saying you’ll do it. Because before you know it, two years have gone by and you haven’t touched it.

4) Boyfriends, relationships- they can wait. I’m not against young people marrying, but I also don’t think anybody needs to jump into a relationship just to be in one.

5) Getting that nice booty and flat abs does not happen over night. It actually requires work. Consistency, not do it for a month then stop.

And I know there’s more but I’m seriously spacing out right now. Blahh!


tell me your thoughts!

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