Missouri Executes Rapist

And murderer Michael Taylor.

I wasn’t even born back in 1989 when Michael Taylor and Roderick Nunley abducted and raped Ann Harrison, before stabbing her to death. But I live in Missouri, and when I heard about his upcoming execution, I read the story.

It sickens me. It sickens me that someone can rape an innocent girl (or boy). That someone can kill someone innocent. It sickens me that these rapists and murderers sit in prison for years and appeal and appeal again. Certain crimes do warrant the death penalty. And raping and murdering? Hell yes!

Here’s a link to the story. In there it says “the execution drug….could have caused Taylor inhuman pain and suffering.”

Who fucking cares?? Because I don’t. I don’t give a fuck if he suffered unbearable pain right before he died. You think Ann Harrison, who lived for about 30 minutes after being stabbed, wasn’t suffering and in intolerable pain? And that’s after they raped her.

All these people lobbying for Taylor and claiming he should have been able to live- fuck off. He should have been executed back when he was first convicted. Given one appeal, and if it didn’t change, put his death sentence into action.

Why do people defend rapists and murderers? Claiming killing them is inhuman. Like, are you serious? You think they give a single fuck about the pain they inflicted on their victim? Hell no.

I guess I sound unsympathetic. And I guess towards rapists and murderers I am, and I will not apologize for that.

Something else to think on: almost every person I know of who defends not killing rapists and murderers, is quick to say someone who abuses an animal should be beaten and murdered. Why should someone who hurts and kills an animal be put to death, but someone who rapes and murders a child be able to live?


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