Where’d it go Wrong?

I wish I could answer that.

I know my now ex-boyfriend wants to know what happened, where it went so wrong that I broke up with him. But I don’t know, not really.

I guess it was when he ignored my birthday. His is a month before mine, and I know we weren’t official back in September, but I came out for his birthday party- which was an afternoon gathering of family. And I worked nights back then, so an afternoon is- was- my prime sleeping time, yet I cared enough about him to go.

Then my birthday rolls around. I had invited him out with my friends and I, but he didn’t respond to 11:45 that night, and say he’s not going out. He didn’t even text me at all on my birthday and say happy birthday. I mean, I had seen him the night before, but still. How can you say you love someone then completely brush their birthday off?

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Since then, he makes a big deal about every.single.one of his co-workers birthdays. “Oh, it’s so-so’s birthday!” and he has to go out and buy them a shot. Or party with them all night. I guess I wasn’t important enough.

So I guess that’s when it really started that I decided maybe we wouldn’t work.

But I had come to love him, and wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

C’mon though, I couldn’t be like “so, I’m moving back to my parents and breaking up with you because you ignored my birthday.” It was just when something shifted in me.

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