Manager Failing

Doing a good job at it.

So, a conversation I unintentionally eavesdropped on was several months ago. I was in the computer room at work, adjacent to the personnel office when my manager paged one of my co-workers back.

I had headphones on when they first began their talk, but I finished up soon after, but being, well me, I sat silently in my chair and listened to the end of their conversation.

My co-worker was ending her 90-day period at work, and had already called in 7 times. Well, at my job you’re not allowed to call in anymore than 3 times in 6 months before getting written up. So seven times in three months? Your first three months at that?

“You can’t be doing this,” my manager was saying. “You’re already over points.”

“But! But don’t get me in trouble, I need this job.”

Bitch please, if you did you’d bring your lazy ass to work.

“No more calling in or I’ll hafta write you up,” he says in response.


Soo…what the fuck? I called in five times in almost seven times and I get written up (I was genuinely sick, puking my guts out). I mean, I took the write-up without a word, because I did go over the points allotted. But, I was seriously pissed. When I think about it, I still am. The girl is still there, and has called in since then.

Why some people get away with this shit, I don’t know. And it’s not like she’s a good worker- she walks around for two hours doing nothing but texting.



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