Second Place

Fuck that.

I refuse to be second pick, the side woman again.

There’s this guy I met on Halloween of 2012, not even a full two months after John Doe “abandoned” me for another woman (which was to be expected considering he was seeing me on the side).

It was fun; we chilled a few times. Then he just up and quit talking to me. Like, what the fuck. Then, through Facebook I discovered he went back to his girlfriend. Very well then. I knew they’d only just broken up, wasn’t too surprised they got back together. But to make plans, then just ignore me? Asshole.

Several months later, he contacts me again. I had seen on Facebook they had broken up. Being bored, I agreed. After all, he was cute.  And we got along.

Please. A few weeks later he was ignoring me again, and his relationship status went to back to in a relationship. Who cares. I had meet someone else anyway.

June rolled around…they broke up. He wanted to hang out. I agreed because the guy I met was being super distant, and there was a Maggie Rose concert coming up, and I freakin’ love her. And I didn’t exactly wanna go alone.

This guy tells me how I’d be the perfect girlfriend, blah blah blah.

Then ignores me.

Things got better with my guy, I didn’t care. I mean, I cared that he was doing this to me. But I didn’t care too much, not really. I never fucked him, so I don’t even have that to regret, thank God.

The other day I see on Facebook they broke up…again. I told a co-worker he’d be hitting me up. And wouldn’t ya know it, a few days later he did. He tried to make plans, I blew him off.

I am not your Plan B. I am a woman with feelings, and I worth more than this. If you don’t want me first, then I don’t want anything to do with you. And I absolutely refuse to ever put myself, or let myself be in that situation again. I will leave your ass so fast you won’t know what happened.

John Doe taught me a lot. One thing being I don’t deserve to be the side woman or the back-up woman. Because I have more to offer than just sex. I just wasn’t right for him, and I’m happy he found his right woman.

Something random someone said to me “he may have been right for you, but you weren’t right for him. It doesn’t mean his woman is better than you, it just means you weren’t for him.”


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