Just Stop

Relationships suck.

Guys suck.

I am not the pursuer. I refuse to always be the one to drive to see you (I think that’s fair…right?) I dislike always having to pick where we eat, what we do, what movie to see, blah blah blah.

I get it- guys want to make you happy, and if you pick that shit, you’re gonna be- or at least should be- happy. But just fucking maybe there are girls out there who like to make him happy?

When I get asked where I’d like to eat, and if I really don’t care, my answer is this, “I don’t care. Well, as long it’s not Chinese or sushi!” Because that is an honest answer. And maybe just once I want him to pick.

If we’re planning on a movie, and I don’t care, I say so. If there’s a movie I really do not wish to see, I say so upfront.

I’m not the girl to say “I don’t care” then go along with what something and be pissy. I say upfront where I don’t care to eat at, but otherwise any other suggestion will do. Same goes for movies- I won’t say pick a movie, then suffer through one making him feel miserable, or whining if he picks it. I tell him.

As for what we do, now that you can always surprise me on. Because I’m down for about anything. Besides skydiving, and bungee jumping. But trust me, people learn that quickly, and they wouldn’t seriously suggest it to me.

So please, just stop making me pursue you guys. If you’re interested, don’t just tell me then wait to hear from me. If you’re interested, take the time to use your brain at least 45% of the time to take some pressure off me, and suggest something to do.

Because I ain’t joking, being told by a guy that he’s starving, where would I like to eat? is super fucking annoying.

So I guess what I’m saying is, if you care about me, do more. Show you care. And don’t leave everything in my lap. Because some days I really don’t care where we eat at, what movie we see, or if we lay in bed all night. Or go sing karaoke until 2am.

I just need a man who takes control sometimes. But I guess the feminist movement is ruining that part of men, and leaving girls like me sitting here blogging our frustration of lack of men who take control. <Please note, that carried sarcasm


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