Dear Prolife Crazies

The letter began.

I know this may come as a shock to you so you may want to go grab a bible for some support… as long a women have been getting pregnant, they’ve been having abortions. You’re fighting a pointless battle. No matter if you out law it and bomb every clinic in the world, abortion will still happen. …Always has always will. Period. So really stop bitching over something that will never change. Please, use all that effort and fix something that can change, like world hunger, or the economy.

Love, Pro-Choice.” ~Jessica G.

A complete copy of what was written by this Jessica, who I have no idea is.

My letter in response:

Dear Pro-Choicers,

You said “pro-life crazies.” First off, I am not a crazy person for being pro-life. Yes, some can be kinda nuts. But um, so are some pro-choicers. You got some crazies pretty much on every side of anything, ya know?

Secondly “grab a bible for support”, some pro-lifers are not Christian, Catholic or of any religion really. While yes, most pro-lifers do believe in God, not every single one does. And some even get annoyed when God is brought up. You don’t have to believe in God or religion to know that abortion is wrong.

 Thirdly, it’s not a “pointless battle”. Every life saved is a win. It may be a never-ending battle, but we have small victories. Never give up in fighting for the unborn. Again, every life saved is worth the battle. 

 Granted, abortion even before being legal was happening. Much less though. And if we ban it, it will still happen. But much less. Yeah, there will still be abortions, but it won’t be abortion-on-demand.

 As for “use all that effort and fix something that can change, like world hunger” I can only say world hunger will always be around. We can try to fix it, but we can’t. It’s a fallen world, and we can try to feed everyone, but we really can’t. It’s sad, I know. It hurts thinking of all those starving children. We can try and feed them all, but we’ll never reach every single one. I guess you could call that a “pointless battle” as well. But we’re still gunna keep trying. Every child fed is a small victory.

 “Or the economy”. Huh…I thought our president Obama promised that for us.

Love, Pro-life

Please note the sarcasm in the last line.


Ok so, I know abortion is legal. I get that. But did you know that with the legalization of abortion child abuse has risen?

Did you know that it’s like 3% of abortions are due to hard cases (like, rape, incest, mother’s health/life and medical problems with the baby)? Which means 97% of abortions are due to pretty much the baby is an inconvenience. 97% of abortion is abortion on demand- meaning they have no reason for it. (Ok, yes every woman has a “reason”, but not the medical problems, mother’s health, or rape reasons.)

Did you know Planned Parenthood helps cover up sex trafficking?

Sometimes pro-choicers say that if you’re prolife you’re anti-woman- and if you’re a prolife woman you’re a woman trying to suppress women, that you’re pro-baby and don’t care about the women.

That’s not true. I am a prolife young woman and I am not anti-woman. And I do care about the women. I will not support their decision to abort, but if they do, I will not hate them. Because what is that really gunna do? Not much in the way of helping them.

I do care deeply about the unborn, but once they’re born I don’t simply not care. I hate hearing about little kids that are abused, treated like trash. It’s not right. But neither is abortion.

Abortion is not the answer to an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy. I would have to say the majority of women who have an abortion regret it. Some don’t for years, while others are so full of guilt they get seriously messed up. But either way, there is forgiveness if one has had an abortion. Unfortunately, there are those who will judge and hate. But I won’t.

Every abortion stops a beating heart.

All the above in italics is what I wrote in response to the letter addressed Jessica. In April 2011. I could just write something else, but I thought copying it would work, because even though it’s almost three years old, my stance is still the same.

See, I’m not some anti-women, pro-unborn, anti-baby nut. I care about the women- my heart breaks for them that they’re even in the position to feel abortion is the right option. I wish there was a home for every child. I wish parents would grow the fuck up and actually be parents instead of neglecting their children for drugs and alcohol and God knows what else.

So let us not judge someone by their belief just because a lot of people claim a title without knowing shit what it means.


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