Women Support Women

For every decision.

Or not.

I saw this comment on Facebook earlier, and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

“Women should support women no matter what they choose. Christian or not.”

Um. Okay, first off, nobody supports anybody 100%. Or at least I don’t. I’m not being judgmental, or hateful- or any other word you can throw at me.

Seriously though, look at the people in your life, women or not, and do you support everything 100%? I could be wrong, maybe you do. Maybe it’s just me.

I feel like I’m rambling now and my point is going to be missed. So let me just say it:

Support and love are two different things. Let’s not confuse the two.

 Support means to agree with or approve of.

Love is loving them regardless of what they do; love is respecting the fact they are allowed to do as they will. But it doesn’t always necessarily mean you will support their decision/choice.

This statement that started this was in relation to abortion. I know, a very controversial topic. Which I don’t mind because I do controversial.

I am very passionately pro-life. (I’ll post on this later, so please don’t immediately dismiss me as some nutjob.)

I will not support any woman’s choice to abort. I will do what I can to help her choose life for the unborn baby growing rapidly within her womb (heaven forbid I don’t immediately cough up the cash and drive her to the clinic!). I.will.not.support the decision to abort. I will still love her; I will still be there for her. (I won’t go with her to the abortion clinic because I will not in any way help her with the abortion. I will be there for her after, but I will not walk her down that path.)

I will not hate or condemn her for choosing abortion. But I will still love her.

You see what I’m saying here? Love and support are two different things.

I won’t take my brother to buy drugs, but I won’t abandon him if he does. And no, my brothers do not do drugs. Regardless of drug use, I will still love them. I will not support their decision, nor help them, but the love remains.

Love and support, they’re different.


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