Crime and Punishment

Does age matter?

Has anyone read this story about the two teen girls, 17 and 15, who assaulted an autistic teen boy (16)? They used knives, kicked him, dragged him by his hair, forced him to walk on a partially frozen pond- and when he fell in, they did nothing. They forced him to perform sex acts, including some with animals. They didn’t just abuse this boy, they video-taped it.

They’re both being charged, but the 15-year-old is being charged as a juvenile. They both committed the same deeds, yet one is charged as a juvenile- why? Because she’s 15?

Is it just me, or should she be charged as an adult? Maybe it’d “ruin her life” but fuck her. At fifteen you fucking know what you’re doing when you torture another human being.

Too many teenagers are committing horrible crimes but getting charged as juveniles. They’re committing evil acts against another person- why are they getting this “juvenile charge”? You don’t need to be eighteen to realize what you’re doing is wrong.

Another irritating thing is the fact I’ve seen so many comments saying the parents should be getting in trouble, too. Excuse me, maybe the parents should keep a better eye on their kids, but the parents did not do this. Their kids, did. I think just knowing their daughters did this, and watching them go through court proceedings is punishment enough on them.

Yes, parents need to raise their kids better. But I know parents who are amazing parents. Love their kids, raised them right- and they still went astray. Parents are not always to blame for their kids’ actions. And I fucking wish people stopped blaming parents, and started blaming the fucking messed up kids who do this shit.

If I went out and committed some crime, should my parents be held accountable? Absolutely not. You hold the person who commits the crime accountable.

And I don’t think age should factor in a juvenile charge- I think if the crime is bad enough, you charge them as an adult. Am I saying throw her in adult prison? Not necessarily. Not right now.

I do believe that at young ages, they should get as much help as necessary, but keep in mind not everyone changes. And when they reach of age, adult prison awaits them to finish their time.



tell me your thoughts!

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