I Hold On


I love Dirks Bentley’s song “I Hold On”, and every time the first verse plays, my mind flashes to my baby- my 1991 Camaro. The second verse is about his guitar, but I still apply it to my car. Okay, I’m obsessed.

I have rewritten the first two verses. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, taking someone else’s work and even changing it at all.

It’s just an old beat up Camaro

some say that I should trade up

now that I got another car

But what they don’t understand is

it’s the miles that makes a girl

I wouldn’t trade this thing for a rocket

What they don’t know is my car

has all my tears and memories

It’s just an old beat up car

it’s leaky t-tops

it don’t look like much to you

but these dents and scratches in her frame

yeah it adds character

To me it’s better than brand new

You see this car gives me what I need

so I hold on

And there ya have it, folks. And his original lyrics, which are far better than mine. But I had fun with this.


tell me your thoughts!

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