To Donate Blood

Have you been rejected?

Because I have. My dad and I went to donate blood late this afternoon. He donates pretty regularly, and I finally had a chance to go with him. I mean, I had looked it up before, and seen there was a minimum weight requirement: 115lbs. My weight varies from 100-105, so I’ve just never even gone before.

Except today I finally went. I’ve told people I’d like to donate but I don’t weigh enough. They all tell me I’m wrong, there’s no weight requirement, blah blah. So I went just to prove I am right (because really, when am I wrong?).

Once there, I dutifully hand over my ID. Girl looks it over, then pauses and asks how much I weigh. And then I get rejected. She apologizes, and I just nod. My dad goes on and gives blood.

I really would like to donate blood, but I can’t. At least I got to watch my dad- that was cool. Watching the bag fill with blood. The woman doing it let me feel the bag, full of warm, life-sustaining blood. She told me some people freak out when they touch the bag and realize it’s warm.

Like, wtf. Are people really that stupid? Your blood is suppose to be warm!

Anyway. Kinda sucks I can’t donate blood. At least I can be an organ donor!


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