Back From an Unexpected Break

I have missed my blog.

First off, my computer got a virus so I freaked out and went to Best Buy where I bought WebRoot. Then I couldn’t figure out to install it because the virus was so vicious. So a couple days later I get my laptop to my brother, who fixes it. Thank goodness.

And then I was moving. I finally got my own place, and I freakin’ love it! It’s a one bedroom, has laundry on-site (right down the hall from my room, too) and a swimming pool right outside my building. Which makes me even more excited for summer.

Seriously though, the only downfall is I have no internet at my place. I mean, there’s wi-fi available but all password protected, so I can’t use my neighbor’s. And I tend to stick to myself, so I doubt I’ll ever get someone to give it out. Oh well.

Today my mom invited me over for dinner, and I brought my laptop. I came over last week for my sister’s birthday, but forgot to bring my laptop. I remembered today.

There is a McDonald’s right down from my place, so I’ll probably try to frequent that and post. I’d like to at least update weekly now, but we shall see.

And now it’s time to go. Wii basketball time!


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