I Be Smilin’

Like, O.M.G.!

For reals though, I just hooked up my phone to my laptop and I can use internet this way! Oh thank heavens for this luxury called cell phones!

It took me a minute to find the network security key, and then when I did find it, it gave me “limited” access to the internet, but I couldn’t get on. Um, what the fuck. How is that limited if I cannot even get a web page to pull up? I restarted my phone, and here I am! I am so excited!

But seriously, I’m not just happy over this- although it is pretty damn spectacular. This is my second week back from vacation, and on Monday I overheard some big boss people commenting on my department, cosmetics, and was like “oh shit.” Granted, I’m a hard worker, but cosmetics was split just four months ago, but for a couple years had been run by the same person- and running two high volume departments is hard as shit. I know cosmetics has a ways to go, but it’s getting better, and looking better. Instock is far better than it was even just a month ago. But still…

So yeah, I heard them. But much to my surprise, they told me I was doing a good job. I think my feet didn’t touch the floor rest of the day, I was so elated. I don’t need praise all the time, but every once in awhile it was amazing to have your hard work be noticed, ya know?

Then today, I got my out of stock report, and my outs had gone down by over a hundred in less than a week! As my outs get filled, my manager will start backing off me. And she’s nice enough, but I’ll be so damn happy when she doesn’t have to talk to me every.single.day!

I have two rants I’d reallllly like to go on about, but I will save them. Mainly because this is a happy post, and the title wouldn’t fit if I begin bitching.


tell me your thoughts!

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