To Kiss a Girl

“Kiss me.”

To which I did.

I don’t go around kissing girls- or anyone, for that matter.

I have known her for right over a year now, and she’s given me a few quick kisses, and one passionate kiss a few weeks ago when we were dancing at the club. But that night turned incredibly shitty, and she was pretty drunk. I’m assuming she remembers but neither of us have ever brought it up.

Anyway, last night I wanted her to sing a song with me karaoke, and she tells me to kiss her “right now and you can pick any song.” So I did. And she did- sang the song I picked.

But what I find the most amusing is the night we met. We exchanged numbers, both agreeing we need a girl friend to hang out with. I was pretty well buzzed, and she was drunk as fuck. The following weekend, I was bored, and decided to text her. I mean the worse that could happen was she either 1) didn’t remember me or 2) “reject” me.

But no, she both remembered me, and was excited to hear from me. We make plans to meet up where we met. We get there, get a drink, and chit chat. I don’t remember much of anything from our conversation that night. But one thing that really stands out is when we went to the bathroom, and as we washed our hands, she looks at me and says, “I’m not a lesbian…” and I just started laughing. I told her neither am I, and she’s like “okay good because I got a little worried you might think this is a date.”

We both laughed, reassured neither of us was trying to “date” the other.

And here we are, a year later. Kissing each other. Go figure.


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