Stand Off

Manager vs me

There are two incidents which I recall quite clearly. And I take great pride in them.

The first, I was a cashier at Burger King, and I was probably, oh, 18 or 19 years old. We had just recently had gotten a new GM (general manager) and she wanted to make everyone fear her to get their obedience. I respect those in charge, I do. I don’t respect them when they use methods of intimidation.

I had just gotten back from a long ass drive to and from Georgia, which was like 14 hours there, and another 14 back. And there was no motel stay, just straight there, grab my brother, and straight back. To top it off, I was getting sick. Sick, no sleep, and exhausted from a long drive, I was in no mood to be messed with. Just let me go to work, and do my job.

Nope. This manager decided it was a good day to pick a fight with me. First off, I don’t cower from confrontation in the first place, but get me on a bad day? Bitch, please.

She called me out on something, and I informed her (I actually wasn’t hateful) that I’ve seen her do the same. To which she denied it, and I told her I am not a liar. She blows up and tells me she has never done it. Then she uses her height and weight, I’m 5’2 and she was close to 6′ foot and 200 pounds more than me, to tower over me and stare me down. I straighten my spine and eye her right back. I’m almost shaking, I’m so pissed.

In the end, she realized I couldn’t be intimidated, and left me alone. A few days later, she apologized, I apologized. And then she changed my schedule so she didn’t have to work with me anymore. Soon after I accepted another job.

At my job I’m at now, we had a temporary manager come and fill in a position left by our manager who had quit, and she too was quite larger than I. She too loved using intimidation to get people’s obedience and fear.

Her first sighting of me was in our nightly meeting (I was on over nights at this time). Twenty or so people in the meeting, so when the meeting was over, I sat there another minute as everyone cleared the room. With two doors to exit from, it got a little packed and I preferred to wait a minute.

I took an extra fifteen seconds to throw my lunch in the fridge. And then I headed for department to stock. She stops me on my way out. Calls me to the manager’s office.

She follows a few seconds behind me. She enters, gets within a couple feet of me, and says “I don’t like my first impression of you. You’re disrespectful and moved too slow.”

I literally just gaped at her. Here’s a woman, my fill in manager, who knows nothing about me calling me disrespectful and slow?! Like, what the fuck.

Everyone else always told me I was a hardworker. And, I barely talked to anyone, let alone mouthed off to my managers.

Finally, I find words. I was very polite (actually I was quite proud of myself for being so polite and calm) when I told her “with all due respect, you haven’t seen me work. And I apologize if it came out as disrespectful I didn’t immediately run to the door.”

She towers over me, crossing her arms, staring me down. I stared right back. She dismissed me. I kicked ass that night- with absolutely no help despite having over five hours of work, plus picks and zoning.

By the time 6:30 rolled around and I was throwing trash away, she complimented me and said maybe she was wrong.

I feel like I earned their respect. They never tried intimidating me again, and remain nothing but friendly. Despite the first changing my schedule around, haha, but I mentioned wanting to work evenings before that so I guess she decided that was a good time as any to grant me my wish.

As a side note, that manager is helping out in my store again. She’s since complimented me twice, once in front of our district manager and two store managers from other stores.

And there’s my two tales of fighting the power.


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