The Big Abortion

Arguments Against Abortion

I’ve been searching blogs about abortion. I’ve been reading, even commented on a few. But none stirred this post more than this one. She gives a good argument, she’s thought over her opinions. Yet, I feel that there’s a perfectly good response to of her reasons for being “pro-choice.”

Which let me touch on that real quick. Pro-choice and pro-abortion are, indeed, the same. Pro-lifers get called anti-abortion all the time, so how does pro-choice and pro-abortion not connect? Further on this though, not everyone who is anti-abortion is pro-life. All pro-lifers are anti-abortion, but anti-abortion is just that: against abortion. Pro-lifers go beyond just being against abortion. They care about the mom, the baby past birth. They’re for life in general.

Pro-choice is for abortion being legalized. It is for abortion. Are all pro-choicers abortion crazy? No, of course not. But pro-choice is pro-abortion. You are for the choice of choosing abortion.

Now, I’m going to address her arguments for abortion by arguments against abortion.

“Abortion is not murder until the third trimester.” The reason? Life doesn’t begin until the third trimester. Which is a lie. Science clearly states life begins at conception.

“The Official Senate report on Senate Bill 158, the “Human Life Bill,” summarized the issue this way:

Physicians, biologists, and other scientists agree that conception marks the beginning of the life of a human being—a being that is alive and is a member of the human species. There is overwhelming agreement on this point in countless medical, biological, and scientific writings.”

If that quote isn’t enough for you, Google it.

Read stories about women who go into early labor, say 19 weeks, and her baby is born alive. Its lungs are too underdeveloped, and  we can’t save one so young, but watch the baby struggle to breathe before, finally, death takes over. That baby was alive. You cannot tell anyone any differently. You can’t say it wasn’t alive, that it wasn’t human. Well, you can. But that’d be a lie.

And no, it’s not “murder” by legal definition. But abortion is most definitely killing a baby. Fetus. Whatever fits your fancy. Abortion does kill.

“Roe v Wade.” First off, slavery was once legal. Shall we then just accept slavery? No, we ended it. (Sort of. Slavery still exists today. But should it be legal? Fuck no.)

Let me also inform you that abortion is legal up to all nine months of pregnancy. And not just for “emergency situations.” Unless you call deciding you no longer want you baby an emergency. Or that having Down’s Syndrome is an emergency.

“It’s not my body, and it’s not my mind.” No, it’s not your mind. But that baby- fetus- she’s aborting is not her “body” either. A baby is not a tumor, it’s not tonsils, or wisdom teeth you’re having extracted. A baby is a new little human, growing in your womb because that’s where human life starts. Sex=reproduction. Obviously I understand sex isn’t always engaged in for reproduction reasons, but anyone with an ounce of knowledge of such things, knows sex is what causes pregnancy, a new life to begin.

Women can’t even choose to sell sex, without getting in trouble for it. Because it’s illegal. It’s her body, and hey, she just wants some cash. But using her body to earn cash is illegal. A woman cannot inject heroin into her body without facing prison time if caught.

Omg! Women can’t choose what to do with their body, there’s fucking limitations on it!!

“Making abortions illegal will not stop abortion.” Um no. But even legal abortion is not safe. Legal abortion stills harms women. It still kills women. Again, heroin is illegal. But people still use it. Let’s just make it legal, okay? Sounds good right.

People still kill their neighbor, let’s just make murder legal, okay?

Adults still molest children, but hey it’s illegal and still happens, so let’s legalize that.

People abuse their animals and kids, despite facing time for it if caught. But hey, let’s just make it entirely legal so our legal system gets to take a nap from all this crime.

Legal does not make it safe. Legal does not make it right. The law does not dictate what is right and wrong. I mean, if it does it means abortion was once wrong. Omg, y’all changed the law! Y’all changed wrong and right! That’s incredible.

Abortion is already dangerous to women. Except nobody hears about the damaged uterus, and the woman who can never have children after her abortion.

Nobody hears about the 15 year old girl who is repeatedly raped by her uncle, and Planned Parenthood covers up the rape by performing abortion after abortion and never alerting the authorities.

Nobody hears about the woman who desperately wants her baby but her husband forces her to have the abortion, and every day it haunts her.

Abortion is harmful. It is dangerous.

“Adoption isn’t the best option in all cases.” Our foster care system is so fucked up. But how dare it be said MOST kids adopted end up abused. That is so beyond true, it’s sickening. Children born into families end up abused, too. Just because someone is adopted does not mean they’re abused.

Secondly, should we kill these children in the system because they’re going to abused, and they shouldn’t have been born anyway? No, just fuck no. Parents are the ones who should be accountable, not these children. “Oh, mommy doesn’t want you, so let’s just kill you.” That doesn’t work when her baby is 2 years old, so why should it work when she’s pregnant?

Don’t want a baby but found yourself pregnant? Take the 9 months to search for an adoptive family. Make it an open adoption so you can check in on your baby.

So many of the kids in the system are there because parents are fucked up, and won’t fix up their life to actually be parents.

I don’t “respect” the choice to abort. I respect women. But abortion is killing, and I don’t respect killing. Do I hate or judge the woman who had an abortion? No, I don’t. Actually, my heart breaks for her, and the little life now gone.

Roe v Wade legalized abortion on demand. Abortion for any and whatever reason. Before Roe v Wade, abortions were still available in “emergency situations” (to save the life of the mom).

Abortion is not safe, for mom or baby. Abortion covers up abuse. Abortion scars, physically and emotionally.



  1. Honestly, as soon as I read when you said that pro-choice is pro-abortion, it gave me some precedent to the rest of the post.. You are actually greatly misinformed, my friend, though I do appreciate the time you took to try and debunk my claims.

    You cannot respect women without respect their rights to choose what that happens to them.

    Also, quotes on the internet give no fact whatsoever.


    • So I don’t respect women because I don’t agree with abortion? Fascinating.

      Not talking about rape, but women do have the right to choose what sex acts they participate in. They have the decision to abstain, to use birth control, condoms, etc. They can also monitor their cycle to avoid sex during fertile periods. All that aside, abortion does not just involve women.

      I hope you can respectfully agree to disagree with me (I mean, you should respect my right as a woman to think freely on her own). Abortion is a very sensitive, and passionate debate. I think no less of you for feeling that abortion is A-OK.

      But please, do some research on how abortion harms women. How women are forced into an abortion they do not want. How Planned Parenthood covers up rape and sex trafficking.
      Research how abortion destroys women. The women mainstream media doesn’t show because it shows the true horror of abortion, and omg, we just cannot have that.

      Oh, I am curious where you got your stats from, if the internet gives “no fact whatsoever”?? Typically, I look for quotes that come from textbooks, or you can even look up the one I posted in my post.

      One more thing: if you do decide to look up more truth on abortion and the women who die from it, you won’t find it on your pro-choice/pro-abort pages. Because that shit just ain’t there. They won’t post it. Because it damages their cry of “safe, legal abortion!”


  2. Hi, I am trying to spread the word about the movie on the Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic: They must raise enough money by May 12th. See my blog for more details also. Whether someone is pro-life, pro-choice, democrat, republican, religious, non-religious – EVERYONE should be disturbed about what went on at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic for YEARS. It was NOT SAFE abortion. Gosnell’s crimes need to be known and the human lives not forgotten.


    • I agree completely, even a pro-choice person has got to see how horrible and disgusting Gosnell’s clinic was ran! They cannot chant how “safe” abortion is. He’s not the only doctor who ran his clinic this way.

      Crisis Pregnancy Centers have got to be held to state inspection standards, as are animal clinics, but abortion clinics? Hmm. Funny they always get by-passed by state inspections.


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