I Just Don’t Care

If anyone agrees with me.

It’s rather odd, my personality. Like, I get shy, and self-conscious when trying to dance (probably because I just can’t dance worth shit), but when it comes to my opinions, my beliefs- I don’t give a rat’s ass if anybody agrees with me. I have no problem whatsoever being the only one in my group, or anywhere, that feels strongly about something.

Like, gun rights for an example. I was talking to somebody who was all gung-ho for taking guns away from everyone. The people around us felt the same. Yet I, this 100lb girl with what I get called, an innocent face, just opens her big mouth. And I defend gun rights. Omg! How dare I break the mold (of the surrounding people)! But I did.

And I didn’t care nobody was backing me up. I don’t need back up. I don’t need anyone else to agree with me. As long as I do what I feel is right, then I am good to go. As long as I don’t just blindly believe what someone tells me, but rather search for my own answer- I’m good.

People say guns kill people. But no, a fucking gun doesn’t kill anyone. Somebody, a person, holding the gun, is the one who pulls the fucking trigger and kills someone.

To deny every person a right to own a gun because SOME people abuse their right, is ridiculous. Why? Because we don’t take away all cars because some people drive drunk. NO! Rather we punish the one driving drunk.

We don’t ban all baseball bats or knives because somebody beats or stabs someone (to death). NO! Again, we punish the wrong-doer. So tell me why the fuck we take away all guns because some idiot takes a gun and shoots someone?

Criminals still gunna commit crimes. They’re still gunna get their hand on a gun. They’re still gunna kill somebody. Take away guns, and they’ll find another object.

All these anti-gun activists are doing is unarming law-abiding people. (Okay, some may break the law, but they’re not killers.)

I just don’t care if people agree with me or not. As long as they have actually given a fucking thought to their side, AND the other side, I can respect their decision to be against guns. Even if it is silly. Sorry, had to say it.

The difference between me and a lot of other people is I actually understand the “other side” and argue from their point of view before I just hop onto the wagon I choose.

Did I just decide to be pro-gun? No. I “went to the anti-gun side” and argued against guns. Did I just decide to be pro-life? No, I went to the pro-choice side, and argued against the pro-life arguments.

So there it is. I don’t care if anyone agrees with me. And if you excuse me, I am in withdraws of Chicago Fire, and Kelly Severide, so I must go.


tell me your thoughts!

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