Mechanical Bulls

And alcohol, oh my!

Last night I went out with the guy I had been living with, his brother, and his brother’s boyfriend, and had a complete blast.

We started out with karaoke, and then drove to downtown, to finish the night off. Like, I love going down there, it’s so busy and exciting. I’m from the country, and grew up sheltered, so I just love going downtown, and soaking it all in. Unfortunately, nobody ever wants to go. It’s expensive, so I get it. But once in awhile I would like to go. Besides staying up north is always the same faces every weekend.

Anyway, we get downtown, and go to the country bar. They have a mechanical bull, and all these drunk girls be riding. And falling off. I think maybe one guy rode it…

Anyways, the boyfriend wanted to ride it. But the two guys said it’d be weird for them to ride together at a straight bar. Whatever, who cares right? So I agreed to ride it. We wait in line…and then we’re told guys and girls can’t ride together. Well poop! Because I’m so not riding alone, that’s for damn sure.

The guy says it’s almost the end of the night, so if we wanna wait a little longer, he can break the rule and let us be the last riders of the night. Oh hell yeah!

I think our ride last thirty seconds, but it was exhilarating! No joke, I had an incredible time riding, and I just really wanna ride again. But ya know, it’ll be like another six months before I get anyone to go again.



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