One More Day

Tomorrow- Thursday- is my last day of orientation.

I got a CNA position, and I have worked five shifts so far. Tomorrow is my sixth, and final day of orientation. Another CNA today told me she only had two days of orientating, but then I discovered she’s been a CNA for three years. Whereas this is my first position, soo, ya know, I need more of a rundown.

I don’t know. I will be off Friday, and then I go back in for the weekend, and I won’t be anyone’s shadow. Yay! Nah, actually, it’s a little scary. I mean, I know I can do this, and I am excited, but still. I will be in charge of my own hall!

I also went to this college, and talked about their RN program. The advisor for real encouraged- no pushed, the medical assistant program on me. Like, I get it. The RN program will be tough as shit. Especially with working full time, but I don’t wanna be a medical assistant. Although, they get to do sutures, and that’s pretty cool. But if it’s not what I wanna do, I know I won’t apply myself nearly as much as I should.

I am definitely enjoying being a CNA though. But omg, I swear there’s so much downtime working the 3-11 shift! I came from WalMart, and I had shit to do non-stop every single day. There were days I could have stayed for 16 hours and still not had everything done. So yeah, all this downtime kills me. I’m high energy anyway, so hmmhm.

For the record- and closing- scrubs are quite comfortable.


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