It’s Going Well

Enjoying my new job.

It feels really great to be a CNA. I’m only into my second week, but I do like it. I even like most of my co-workers, which is a huge plus considering we all work together, closely. I kid you not, I couldn’t stand most of my co-workers at my last job. Thankfully, contact with them generally stayed at a minimal.

The other day I got a shit load of compliments. Granted, a few of my residents probably don’t even remember dishing them out, but it still made me feel good. Others, they do remember. And now when they see me, they get a little bit bigger smile.

I really need to build up my upper body strength though. I mean, I’m not like super weak (I can bench press like seventy pounds, and for a 100-lb girl, that’s good. I think I’ve read the average a girl can press is 60.) but I could definitely use more muscle to move the heavier residents. In just the short time I’ve been, I am noticing a difference.

But I really hate being the new, and weak girl! For real, I hate being new. I love knowing what I’m doing, and being way confident. Not arrogant, or bossy- just confident that I’m doing my job well, and excelling.

So for any future CNAs, start doing those push-ups NOW. Before you start your job.

tell me your thoughts!

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