…it will happen.

Ok so I ended up having a four day weekend. I return to work today, where I will be for the next five days, a day off, then like another five days on. Anyway, when you’re off the weekend, then you’re the extra aide, and everyone shows up, hell yeah you’re going to go home! Well, I did. Some people would have traded it. Yesterday was my day off, so it ended up being four days off in a row. It was awesome.

My last day I had worked, being Friday, I was putting this old couple to bed. As I helped her husband into bed, she just blurts out, “Are you pregnant?”

I stop what I’m doing and just look at her. I laugh, “No, but do I look pregnant?”

She shakes her head. “Not at all. But you could be in the early stages.”

I laughed again, saying no, I’m not pregnant, and “I better not be!” to which her husband just laughed.

I told my co-workers and later, when it’s late, and we’re just basically answering a random call light or two while waiting for night shift to get in, one co-worker goes, “Are you pregnant?”

It was funny, and I explained the story to the others that had come over. It was funny until one said that old people just know these things. I denied it, and said I’m about to start in two days.

Today makes three days past my average start time. But I am not worried. I will only be worried if I don’t start between now and another two days. I keep track of all this with an app on my phone, and while it says I’m three days late, it’s going off my average. But sometimes I start a day or two early or after (which is how I got an average, obviously).

Whatever. I’m hungry, and I need to get ready for work.


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