I should finally be going!

Maybe college sounds completely normal to you. Maybe you’ve done your four years, and gone on to do more. Maybe hearing a young woman, 22 and a half year old, say she’s finally going sounds odd to you. And that’s okay.

My friend is the same age as me, and just graduated last month, a major in geology. Four years spent at the university where she gained a whole new life experience different than mine. And you know what? That’s okay.

Going to college was never a big deal in my family. My dad never did college. Yet he has supported his family for the past 25 going on 26 years. He raised my mom’s two daughters as his- and their biological father never paid child support. Nine kids my dad raised- is raising. I didn’t grow up starving (for food, attention, or toys). Sure, I had hand-me-downs, but I also got new stuff, too. We all did.

No, maybe we didn’t have the latest shit, but we had our needs met, and our imaginations are creative enough to fill in the lack of the newest things. We spent more time outdoors than we did indoors.

Okay, enough. I could go on about it, but this blog post isn’t about that. Basically, what that was input for was to say that, no, college was never a huge deal to us. Because my dad supported us without college. (And without government assistance.)

It’s not to say my parents encouraged us to not attend college, because if that’s the path we desire, they do. And so far, it hasn’t been for any of us. My oldest sister is raising two kids, and working full time at a really good job; her husband has a good job with really great benefits. My second oldest sister is a stay at home mom (like our mom) raising her three children. It’s the path they’ve chosen; and everyone has a different path.

My brother is going to go to police academy. Another sister is also raising kids, but she is hoping to take a few classes eventually. If time and money work out. But she’s a strong young woman and I know she will eventually go.

Then there’s me. I want to be a nurse. And you kinda can’t avoid college, although if I could, I’d be more than happy. I have never had any desire whatsoever to go to college. But my path is leading me there.

I filled out the FAFSA, finally, and have two schools lined up. Just depends on where I score to which one I’ll attend. And honestly, I am actually beyond excited to go. Because it means I am one step further to reaching my goal.

Although with more research, I have discovered I probably won’t be a neonatal intensive care unit nurse for probably a good six years, if not longer. Probably longer. Because I already know I won’t be doing no accelerated BSN classes.

Regardless. This really is a first step, going to school. And I am excited.



  1. Congratulations! And by the way, it’s never too late to go to college! Actually, I knew a woman who decided she wanted to go to law school in her 50s, and ended up graduating top of her class and passed the bar the first time around!

    To be honest, I had no desire to go to college, either. My parents basically made me, but after a few months I dropped out because I hated it so much. I found a trade school instead that focused on what I wanted to do. Best decision I ever made, and I’ve been happy in my career now for eight years!

    Good luck on finding a school! 🙂


    • Oh I know! I have personally gotten disapprovingly looks when I tell people I’m not in college, or haven’t gone. Like my friend who just graduated, they’re all like awesome! then look at me, and I tell them I haven’t been, they look away almost in disgust and focus on her. Um. Ok. lol.

      Well good for you! I think doing what YOU want is best because you actually apply yourself to it. Sometimes parents just need to understand that. 😉


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