To be Young

And to have such dreams.

Now we’re old and just getting by. Our dreams are still dreams; our lives nowhere we thought. We bitch and complain; we moan and talk of dreams. But we do nothing.

My friend and I were texting the other night, and she said it’s funny albeit sad how she remembers how she and her group of friends (me included) talked of our hopes and dreams for the futures; what we wanted to do and be when we were adults.

Some 10 years later, here we all are. Young adults.

It’s taken me a long time to even step out and reach for my dream. I was 21 when I finally took my CNA class- I put it off for two years! Then I told myself I don’t want to be in my 40’s and think back on life and regret waiting so long to do what I want to do.  Because I won’t be young forever, and time will not wait for me.

It’s so easy to be 12 and dream. It’s so hard to be 22 and actually make dreams reality. But stop dreaming, wake up, and reach for it! Stop dreaming, and start living!


tell me your thoughts!

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