30 Day Writing Challenge

Let it begin!

So, to help me write more regularly, I’ve decided to do a 30 day writing challenge. I am not going to be able to blog daily as I do work, and as any working person knows- at least one without internet at home knows- it’s not exactly always easy to blog daily.

Today’s challenge is this: List 10 Things That Make You Really Happy.

#1: My family. Honest to goodness, I feel incredibly happy and at perfect contentment when I’m with them.

#2: Having my own apartment. I constantly pull up after work, and just smile as I head indoors. I completely love having my own place. And it’s the perfect location, which doubles my happiness.

#3: Reading a good book makes me really happy. I went through a a-few-year phase of not really reading. This past year I’ve started reading again, and it just makes me feel so happy. I’ve always been a bookworm, but then I grew up, and discovered boys and alcohol, and…yeah.

#4: Getting my back scratched. Omg, I love, love it! It brings me endless happiness. The harder, the better. I prefer it to back rubs/massages.

#5: Writing. When I can get into a good writing mood with a good scene or two, and I get lost in it, it’s just a level of happiness that is utterly satisfying.

#6: Wide, open spaces with endless fields of tall grass. Or the beautiful mountains of Alaska. Just gorgeous scenery alone makes me perfectly happy.

#7: Buying books. Maybe that’s weird, but it’s true. It makes me super happy when I buy books- or pens and notebooks.

#8: Motorcycle rides. ‘Nough said.

#9: Food. Especially a surprised breakfast in bed, or a dinner waiting for me when I get off work.

#10: My Camaro. Just looking at her brings me sheer happiness.

So there you have it. My list of things that make me real happy. Feel free to join in with your own 30 Day challenge. I just went to instagram and Google, and found a few. They’re all pretty similar. If you do join, let me know. I’d love to follow yours!



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