Pet Peeves

Yes, the next challenge.

What are your top three pet peeves?

I actually have several, but let’s see if I can narrow it down to three- the top three.

1. Lazy ass motherfuckers. And by that, I mean co-workers. I can be generally pretty lazy around my apartment. But it’s my personal space, it’s my right. At work? You are there making a paycheck. Do your fucking job all the way, and do it right.
It pisses me off when I’m working with someone who disappears every twenty minutes. They return, piddle-fart around, then disappear again.
It pisses me off when they don’t do their job right either. They half-ass it, not really caring.

I work in a nursing home, and I hate it when my hall partner gets my residents up/puts them down and does not change them. They’re incontinent. They don’t need to be sitting in a wet brief/depend. They rely on us to change them, not just me.

On rounds, they just leave them wet. Like, do your job! If you don’t want to change these people, get out. If you don’t want to answer their call light, get out. Obviously, if I’m doing everything anyway, I don’t need you. I don’t need to pick up your slack.

At my previous job, I didn’t pick up my co-worker’s slack. Why? Because it wasn’t people I was dealing with. At my last job, I didn’t clean up your mess. I didn’t do your job. Now I do, because I cannot stand the thought of leaving these people sitting in their own pee as it continues to soak their brief/depend.

2. I’m not perfect in this either, by any means, but when I catch my own errors, it irks me too. I hate spelling errors. Left out words/misspelled words, wrong usage (they’re, their, there as an example).

Slight correction, although the above does annoy me. What’s more annoying is texting. When guys hit a girl up spelling like a fuckwad like “wats up” and “idk, u tel me.”

OMG! Don’t even. Nothing impresses me more when a guy texts me spelling proper like. Don’t text me like some ignorant bastard. Facebook statuses like that annoy the crap out of me, too.

Learn how to spell.

3. Drivers who don’t use their blinker. Damn, I hate it. It takes half a second to flip that li’l bitch on, so please, for the sake of other drivers, fucking do it.


tell me your thoughts!

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