Oh my

*southern belle fan wave*

“Thank you.”

Ok, not really. A “thank you” did not slip off my tongue, touch my lips- enter my brain!

A couple weeks ago on the Daily Prompt, they had the topic of back-handed compliments, and while I didn’t get a chance to join back then, I am writing my piece now. Kinda late in the game, but albeit, a very true piece.

My ex-boyfriend, who now lives with me of all things, and I were laying down together, and we’re talking about past sexual relationships. He tells me he loves me for me and that he knows he loves me more than any other past girlfriend.

I ask him how he knows that, and he says “because I love sex. You know that. All I wanted from them was sex, but with you, it’s not just about sex.”

Okay, good answer, I’ll take that. Then, then he adds, because guys are fucking idiots, “even though you’re not the best I’ve ever had in bed, I still love you.”

Um, what the fuck??

For starters, I know why imagined out of all the women he’s fucked, that I am THE FUCKING BEST, but to seriously tell me that?

Needless to say, I ended up ignoring him. And we didn’t fuck for probably almost a month. He tried to explain himself: I think you’re really good, I didn’t mean you were bad, I was trying to explain how much I love you for YOU, that it’s not just about sex.

I finally got over, and we resumed fucking. But that is indeed the worst “compliment” I’ve received.


tell me your thoughts!

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