Winning my Heart

Or something like that.

5 ways to win your heart is challenge number 6, and honestly I’m not sure. I mean, I know things that’ll get me to warm up to you, but to actually win my heart? I don’t know. Is there actually a surefire way for that?

Ok, so 5 ways to at least start winning my heart, provided you don’t turn around and be a major dick or something:

  1. Scratch my back. Simple right?
  2. Make/bring me food. I can cook for myself, but I’d just rather you do it for me.
  3. Have a real conversation with me; listen and talk and just…just conversant.
  4. Very good hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly, clip your nails, wash your clothes…
  5. Spend real time with me, and I’m not talking bars, and sex. I actually mean take me out, and shoot hoops with me. Go on a long walk, go exploring….If I want a bar hopping, and/or a fuck buddy, I’ll get one. Unless that’s established from the beginning, that’s not what I want.

And this list isn’t a flat out guarantee because you could just be a bitch. You could bitch and complain about everything you do, that I do. About every little thing. And then I won’t be able to put up with you, no matter if you’re all 5 on my list.


tell me your thoughts!

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