9-11 Rant

Because sometimes, ya just gotta.

I watched a Youtube video, and it just rubbed me the wrong way. In his brief summary about the video, he states, word for word ’cause I copied and pasted:

On September 11th, 2001 a horrible tragedy occured that Americans will not forget for some time… now what about the tragedies around the world that claimed far more lives? What’s that? You don’t care? Country of origin does not define one’s value.

And okay, I get it. Other countries suffer their own tragedies; lives are lost in other countries. And maybe America should mourn with these other countries 13 years later. Or maybe sometimes people need to realize, that as years pass, the only ones to actually hold the date in mind, is the country, the people involved.

Maybe Americans are selfish. But anybody remember Columbine? How many people today actually sit in remembrance that day. How many of us actually still grieve? Most likely, just the people directly affected by it.

And so it is with 9-11. And I don’t care if you call it an inside job or believe it was terrorists- it doesn’t fucking matter who did it. Lives were lost, America still remembers that day. But to claim America doesn’t care about anybody else is bullshit.

Because unless it’s your direct pain, your country, or your town- eventually it becomes a distant memory. Because it didn’t affect you!

The Sandy Hook school shooting- people moved on. Except the parents who lost a child; except the brother or sister or aunt or uncle- the immediate family, the ones immediately affected, the town. They will never forget. And when that anniversary date rolls around, it will be remembered.

The day my brother died will fucking be remembered. Why don’t I remember the dates of other babies who died because of Trisomy-18? Because their death, while heartbreaking for the families, didn’t hit me. I read stories of other families loss, and I even cry. But months later, I don’t remember the date.

Just because we don’t hold another date in mind, doesn’t mean we don’t ever think about some other country’s loss. I don’t know about you, but I remember 9-11 outside of just the anniversary. I think about other tragedies outside of their anniversary date.

So to make a video mocking 9-11 and the some 3,000 lives lost because we don’t hold a day for another country’s loss is disrespectful. His rant at the end could have been the whole video, and would have been okay. The rest though? Nah, I didn’t like it.

tell me your thoughts!

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