Something we all relate to.

Day 7 in this challenge, and I actually feel challenged! List 10 songs you’re loving right now.

Right. So I’m going to sit here and rack my brain trying to come up with ten fucking songs. Whoo!

First off, would be:

  1. Games by Cassie Steele. Just something about it…omg. I love it.
  2. Heartless by the Fray. I listen to almost
  3. Black Tears by Jason Aldean. It hits me right in the feels. Okay, I actually hate that saying, but sometimes ya just gotta say something you hate because it’s catchy. But yeah, it’s a good song.
  4. Wasting all These Tears by Cassadee Pope
  5. Superman by Five for Fighting. I could sing it all day long, every day!
  6. Love by Jana Kramer. I love that woman!
  7. Bottoms Up by my future husband (haha I wish!) Brantley Gilbert
  8. Callin’ me When I’m Lonely by Sheryl Crow
  9. Tom Sawyer by Rush. I heard it one day, and was like, omg, this song is awesome!
  10. Broken Hearted Girl by Beyoncé. Because I think of the Chloe-Oliver video someone created, and I love them, and the clip featured this song, and it was heaven. I can’t find the video now, a few years later, but I do remember it!

Boom! Ten songs! How completely true this is, I don’t know. It’s not in order of love, by any means. If I were to sit here and think some more, I’m sure I could think of other songs I enjoy more right now, but I think I’ll just leave it. Those are all good songs anyway. So whatev.



  1. Well.. I’ll show my age here not any particular music digging right now. This is my go to track! In no particular order!
    1. I like me – Da’T.R.U.T.H. fight of my life
    2. Shoop. Salt and Pepper
    3. Got you where I want you -the fly’s( my hubby and I)
    4. Somewhere I belong! -link in park
    5. Numb -again linkin park – but it bears.. I’m tired of being what you want me to be!
    6.I don’t want to miss a thing- aerosmith-yeah it’s a love song… But I feel this for my for wonderful babies. Best things I have ever been a part of! Remember when you held their little tenderness in your arms?
    7. Lose yourself -Eminem. Yeah I’m not a musical genius. We all have our own music. But thank God I know we all get one shot! With God’s help I went from welfare to fairing well. High school drop out to Masters degree! Is it wrong to like Eminem and give God the glory for my many blessings? No! God knows my heart!
    8. Lonely day – system of a down. No need to say more
    9. Epic -faith no more -cause we ask want it all
    10. Perfect – pink. Mostly because I want my children to know no matter what in my eyes.. They will always always always be perfect to me!

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