Oh, the Struggle

I hate it.

Something you struggle with.

I feel like I could take day 8 challenge into different directions. I was originally going to go like way personal, and admit something entirely different, but I think I’ll just go with this.

I struggle with math, horribly so. I have always found algebra fascinating, and wanted to learn it. In fact, I spent my last two years of schooling, focusing on algebra. Needless to say, I didn’t make it far with it. I simply didn’t understand it once I reached a certain point.

Well, I bought a book- full of 5 TEAS practice tests. Upon completing the mathematics section, I realized, without a doubt, I couldn’t pass the math. I mean, I did manage to pass the GED, but I scored high enough in the other subjects, I got by. I didn’t care about my GED score, it didn’t affect anything.

But my TEAS score? I need a high score to get into the nursing program I’m looking into. So, I’ve been looking for math books. I finally found the idiot’s guide to basic math and pre-algebra. Don’t laugh- I did say I struggle with it.

Some of it, like scientific notations, I immediately remembered and caught back on real quick. I need some refreshers before I actually move onto the parts I could never learn.

So I’ve committed to an hour of math a day. Although I did fail that, and only do 40 minutes yesterday. In my defense, I had had a long day at work, been up early, and I had a headache.

I’ve always struggled with math, but it wasn’t until recently, that that struggle actually needs to be confronted, and tackled.


tell me your thoughts!

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