Words of Wisdom

Words to live by.

Is a faith without action a sincere faith? a quote by Jean Racine.

I honestly never even heard of Jean Racine, that I can recall. I was skipping through one of my old notebooks, and found this quote written out on an otherwise empty page.

The words seemed to jump at me, and I was left speechless. I grew up in a Christian home. I tried to be Christ-like- loving, caring, forgiving. I read my Bible, I prayed.

And then my baby brother died, and I was left numb. My prayers seemed unanswered. My Bible lost its appeal. Yet, for another 4-5 years, I kept the title of Christian, I kept pretending I felt the same. In hopes, everything turned back to normal. But does life ever go back to normal after the death of a loved one? Or do you simply learn a new normal?

My faith was no longer sincere. And without the sincerity behind it, I grew lost. And then I found sex and alcohol. And God seems further away than ever.

I honestly don’t care what others believe, what path they find. But this quote holds true- no matter what “faith” one has, if there is no action, how sincere is it?

In Christianity, acts do not save you, it’s by faith. But because of your faith, actions follow. I think in some religions, acts save you. And that’s fine, I’m not here trying to tell anyone what to believe. Rather, my question is the same as Racine’s question, “is a faith without action a sincere faith?”

It can be applied to love, too. “Is a love without action a sincere love?”

And there’s my rambling thoughts of challenge number nine, post some words of wisdom that speak to you


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