Celebration of Song

Or songs, whatever.

Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette holds memories that I should probably forget, but simply cannot. I recall I’ve mentioned this song before, but it’s one of my favorites, and with it comes memories also.

Its meaning to me, is that, well…No matter how something starts out, it can end up becoming wonderful.

Alanis sings about her friend with benefits becoming more than just a lover. That what started as sex, turned into something greater. And at first it simply related to my life at the time. My friend with benefits situation grew past sex, and feelings changed. (They also died, but that’s really not the point.)

I Still Believe and Walk by Faith are both by Jeremy Camp, and go hand-in-hand. These two songs literally helped me through the death of my baby brother. I would cry my eyes out as I listened to them. No matter where I was, I would cry if I heard these songs play.

Now, seven and a half years later, I hear either one, and all my memories come flooding back. I don’t cry anymore when I hear either one, unless it’s been an emotional day anyway, but I do definitely remember everything from that time right after his untimely death.

Those songs mean comfort.

Awesome God by Rich Mullins will be the third song. I know, what’s up with all these Christian songs? (Minus Alanis, but still, this makes three mentioned in a single post.)

I would take walks with my mom, and we’d sing. This was one of our favorites, and every night, we’d walk, talk, share…and sing. I miss the closeness we once shared, but I guess sometimes things change.

It was wonderful, being so close to my mom. I always think of her and our walks and singing when I hear it, and I wonder if she, too, remembers. I know the song is about God, but its meaning always goes a little further to me. It’s God, and fond memories of my mom.



  1. Big Alanis fan here. 🙂 It’s funny how music can bring back so many memories. Whenever I hear any Neil Diamond songs I think of my dad (he passed away five years ago). Certain songs remind me what what I was going through during years of middle school or high school.


  2. MIght sound strange coming from a guy, but Alanis’ Jagged Little Pill was an album I picked up just after I moved out of my parents’ home and into an Air Force dorm. My friend and I were constantly looking for music for drives up and down the California coast. We’d heard “You Oughta Know” on the radio and grabbed the CD. Her work seemed very open and honest, maybe in-your-face but really just telling it like she saw it. In a way, it was a window into at least one girl’s head, which as a young man seemed an impressive achievement.
    Rich Mullins was that way for the Christian music industry. He made things clear on topcis religious music steered clear of; he said stuff that made sense to people who loved God but made the people who loved church-as-usual upset.
    I’m not a huge Jeremy Camp fan but I know a lot of his stuff is born out of his painful experiences, so I’m not surprised it makes your list. Sounds like a selection of truthful and open musicians. Well done.

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    • You can’t go wrong with Alanis! That’s what I love about her, the honesty in her songs.
      Thanks for reading, and taking time to comment:)
      I do love Jeremy Camp and Gary Allen- both of their songwriting is strongly influenced by their own painful experiences, and I’m drawn to that. To people who are so open and honest, who grow stronger from pain.


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