People Piss Me Off

Well some people.

So last week, I was at my usual bar with my friends, and someone mentions Bill Murray. I don’t really get into a lot of movies, and I am rather behind. I was twenty (or had I already turned twenty-one?) by the time I saw Dirty Dancing and Grease. I’m more into television series (like Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Smallville) and reading.

I grew up on old westerns (I still love me some Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and those cowboys) and VeggieTales. I still love VeggieTales. My kids will grow up on VeggieTales. I strongly dislike SpongeBob and Dora.

Anywho. I know the name Bill Murray. I just don’t know what he plays in, or anything. I actually assumed he was black, but my friend googled an imagine, and lo and behold, a white man showed up before my eyes. Oook then.

I’m just like “I don’t really know who he is” and next thing I know everybody is proclaiming loudly “omg!” and “who the fuck doesn’t know who he is?” I actually don’t really know the girl who said that last phrase too well, and I was pissed. Like, you don’t know me, and this isn’t your conversation so shut the fuck up.

This random dude walks by and pushes himself into the conversation.

Let me explain something. It irritates me when someone attacks me for not seeing a certain movie, knowing a certain actor/actress. They act like it’s the end of the damn world; that I’m some sort of freak. And it drives me to madness! It truly is okay that I am not a huge movie person. There are people out there who don’t spend all their spare time watching movies.

Anyhow. This random dude butts and starts being a jackass. I look at my friend who brought up Bill Murray and state, “I am about to get pissed off.” She, always understanding how frustrated I get, quickly inserts to calm the situation, “Ok, not everyone is a movie buff, it’s ok.” But this guy does not get the hint! Just keeps going, almost ridiculing me.

I finally go off on him. “Do you know who Roy Rogers is?”

He just stares at me. “Yeah, he’s a drink.”

“No,” I spat, “he’s not.”

There, I made my point. He didn’t (doesn’t?) know who Roy Rogers is, and I know of the name Bill Murray.

Did this dumbass get it? No. He kept going on.

I actually feel almost silly, remembering how pissed I was. But, to have some strangers judging me because I don’t watch Murray’s movies is annoying, to say the least.

I blurted, “Roy Rogers the drink came from Roy Rogers the actor who did not drink. But the man existed first.”

He still wouldn’t shut up. Goes on about an Arnold Palmer and John Daily. I’m like I don’t give a fuck, the point has been made. So please, stop. At some point, he did finally go away.

Thank goodness for that.

But actually, I never did get quite as hateful or mean as I wanted. I tried to tame the bitch because I knew I was overreacting.


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