Mouth to Dick

Or mouth to vagina.


Okay, so I personally like giving blow jobs. Well, not to random guys, but to a guy I’d be seeing. I started off being quite nervous due to the fact I had braces and I heard horror stories.

Although, the guy kept himself shaved, so I guess I really hadn’t a reason to be so nervous. Oh well.

Guys love their dick being sucked. Some so more than others. I find it odd when a guy says he doesn’t really care for his dick being sucked. I mean, yes it is possible, but I always have a lingering question: did he have a bad experience?

So you got the guys who enjoy their dick being sucked, the guys who are ‘eh’ about it, and then there’s the third bunch: the guys who demand it. I hate it when guys think a girl has to suck their dick. It is not our job to suck your dick every time before sex. It is not our job to suck your dick when we’re on our period.

Sucking your dick is something we do because we want to. I know some girls personally hate it, but still do it sometimes for their man, because he likes it, and so she does it. To make him happy. But it is not her job.

I especially cannot stand it when a guy doesn’t return the favor. I’m not saying every time your girlfriend/wife/FWB sucks your dick, you have to return the favor and put your head between her legs, but yeah, sometimes instead of shoving her head down, why don’t you surprise her? Too many guys are quick to say they don’t like it, it’s nasty, it’s demeaning, it’s whatever.

Really? Well last I checked, in a relationship sometimes we do what we don’t necessarily care for to make our significant other feel good.



tell me your thoughts!

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