Count Your Blessings

I’m counting mine.

Write about 5 blessings in your life. Challenge number 12.

  1. My family. I absolutely love my family. My parents have been married for 26 years, raised 9 kids together, lost the 10th as a baby, and somehow still managed to keep their marriage together. All of us kids get along- of course we had spats, and I’m sure my three youngest sisters fight, but in general, we are all there for each other. I’m not super close with all of my adult siblings, but I know they love me, want the best for me. And I love them, and their kids. I know I am immeasurably blessed to have my family all together.
  2. My job. I have a full-time job doing what I love. I know too many people are in a job they hate- I was once one of those people. But I’ve been a CNA for nearly 5 months, and I’m incredibly happier. I can work doing what I love, and also pay my bills.
  3. Contacts. So I guess that might sound strange, but I’m serious. I love the fact I can wear contacts. I got glasses when I was 12, and never got contacts until a few months after my 21st birthday. It dawned on me that “oh wait, I’m paying for it, I can get contacts!” and boom, I always keep contacts on hand. Not everyone can wear contacts, and I’m blessed that I can.
  4. Food. I’m blessed to have food, more than enough. I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from.
  5. Running water. I’ve never visited a country without running water, but I can’t even imagine. I love my showers. I love running water. And I know too often just take it for granted. But it is a blessing.

So there’s a list…in no particular order. And I have so many more blessings. So much I just take for granted, and don’t really consider them blessings, but they are. I need to try and be more grateful for so many things that I have. I have so much, and instead of recognizing how truly blessed I am, I want more. I compare myself to another person who can afford nursing school, a nice car, and their own place…and I need to stop that.


tell me your thoughts!

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