Finding What Was Lost

Healing after being broken.

(This post relates to this one, so if you’d like, check it out. It was the first installment for Writing 101 and this post is installment two.)

After losing her virginity, something broken within her. She felt lost, like she traded her everything for a night of passion. He cursed at her, knocking her self-esteem around.

And when he was done, well, she wasn’t sure who she was anymore. Everything felt so wrong. She lost herself, and death seemed like the easiest way out.

Until one night, as she lay knife to skin, did she realize how far gone she had fallen. Instead of trying to find herself again, she just sat and cried. Instead of trying to go on, she completely stopped.

No. No. No, this wasn’t her. That much she knew.

Her innocence was lost forever, but she didn’t need to be. She could overcome the verbal/emotional abuse dealt to her. And with that, she started to look for the sun.

As time passed, she grew.

As time passed, she smiled.

“I’ll probably always love him,” she confided to a friend, “but I can’t not go on.”

And she found herself. And what she found, well yeah there was some scars, but in the place of that girl was now a woman. And she learnt innocence wasn’t a bad thing. Maybe it’s too late for her, but she could share her story and remind someone else that it’s okay. Because once your innocence is gone, it’s gone.

And sometimes, you never know if it’ll be you til it’s too late, you lose yourself with your innocence.



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