Things I Believe

And I don’t care if you don’t.

It doesn’t change what I believe. I’m not going to force my beliefs down anyone’s throat.

1.     I believe in God. Okay, okay, I know. A huge amount of people believe in “God” or “a God”. Some people believe in a Higher Power- something or someone above us humans. I believe in God of the Bible. And I believe in His Son, Jesus. But I’m not going to try to convince someone to change their way of thinking/believing to match my own. I’ll respect you, you respect me.

I do have a problem with this “no God in schools” thing though. It is downright ridiculous. Not every school is the same, I’m not saying that. But there are kids who get sent home for praying at lunch, kids who get told they can’t sit off by themselves during meal time or break or free time, and have a Bible study. That group isn’t forcing anyone to participate, but yet they’re told they cannot have the meeting, or pray, or even open a Bible on school grounds because it might offend someone. Excuse me? Something will always offend someone. Get over it. Grow up.

Or if a kid wears a “Christian” shirt he gets sent home. Why? Are all graphic t’s not allowed? Ok, I understand. But graphic t’s are allowed and it’s censorship, and uncalled for.

Why is the public school system so intolerant of Christianity? I just don’t get it.

2.     I believe that YOU are in charge of your own happiness, and if you cannot reach some sort of peace/happiness while alone, you can never fully enter into a relationship and bring the best to the table. If you need someone to complete you, you’re lacking something. And if you’re lacking something, how can you really be your best for another person?

Happiness isn’t some destination you’re ever going to find, come to. Because happiness comes and goes. Happiness is a decision. It’s a decision just like commitment, contentment. You don’t reach the end of a long, hard road, and bam! Permanent happiness. That doesn’t happen. And you definitely won’t find it in someone else.

I’m not saying you won’t find someone who thrills you beyond what you ever achieved on your own. Because I personally get extra happy when I’m with my family. Just being with them, lifts my spirits. But I do firmly believe you need to know how to be happy before you try to get into a serious relationship. You don’t wanna drain someone empty, drag them down. And that’s what will happen. If they are your source, they will get rundown.

3.     I believe people CAN change, but most don’t because it’s hard, and they feel it’s easier to go on living the same way then to truly put in the effort to change. Changing is not easy, it’s painful. And in general, we would rather cry at who we are, then change and be who we want. It ain’t easy even admitting we need to change. And then, once we actually confront ourselves and set about changing, we fail. We get discouraged. People learn of our shortcomings, and then we’re judged. “Oh well I thought you had changed” and other snide comments.

Yeah, it’s definitely easier to just stay the same.

But let me clarify- change for the good. Anybody can go from good to bad, but changing for the good is harder. Like this…he decided to try drugs, ya know what’s the harm? Then he gets hooked. Yeah, ya bet changing a drug habit around is harder than actually getting into that drug habit.

4.      I believe that abortion is taking a life. Actually, science, and even abortionists, will admit it. I have heard all the arguments for abortion, but none justify killing the new little person.

Rape? Wait, we now kill children for sins of the father?

High-risk? So…inducing labor and delivering a dead baby isn’t risky?

Ectopic? Touchy…but not the same. It’s not done to get rid of the baby. It’s done to save the mom’s life, and aborting the baby is the outcome. Intentionally killing a baby and doing it to save the mom’s life-not the same. And in most ectopic pregnancies, by the time the procedure is even done, the baby has died anyway.

Decided not to be a mom anymore? Um, right. Because that works so well for the parents who decide to kill their children.

And numerous other reasons. I just cannot justify abortion. I know other people can, and will. I know I will be judged and ridiculed for my belief on this, but I just don’t care.

I actually have a friend who I just recently learned is pro-choice…sometimes. We talked, shared our reasons. And neither of us got pissed, or thought less of another. Just two people with a differing view. OMG! It happens.

5.     I believe that when you’re depressed, you need to avoid depressing pictures, music, quotes, movies- all that depressing jazz. It only makes it worse, and that’s not healthy. It’s okay to be depressed for a little while, but don’t wallow, and get stuck. Find the silver lining, and learn to smile again. You are special.


Okay, there ya go. Five things I believe. A long post, so I hope you managed to get through it…I do enjoy learning others viewpoints, so don’t be shy. Be respectful, but don’t be shy. I’m not one to get angry if you don’t see my point of view, so if you have something to say, I’ll read!



  1. I believe in a higher power, for sure. However, I personally don’t really believe in the Bible, although I found the stories in it intriguing when I was a child. My opinion is if you’re religious, that’s fine, you have the right to believe in whatever you want. It’s when religious people try to push their beliefs on others, that really bothers me. I don’t care if people pray at school or listen to Christian music, or do any of that. It’s their choice, none of my business, and it doesn’t affect me and my life in any way what they do on their own time. Which is why I am annoyed by people who want to tell others what they should believe.

    I am pro-choice. There are many reasons for this. I don’t judge people who choose to keep their baby, and I don’t judge those who choose not to keep their baby — another thing, by the way, that is no one else’s business and doesn’t affect anyone else. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to tell another person what they should do with their own body. Even if someone believes that a person is committing a sin for getting an abortion, why should they care so much, when it’s not themselves that are committing the sin? If you don’t believe in abortion, that’s fine. Don’t get one. I have never been pregnant, and have never been put in a position to have to make that choice. I personally don’t think I would ever get an abortion, but I have no idea if I would have gotten one if I was a pregnant teen.

    Change. The only people who can change are the ones who truly want to change. You can’t force anyone to better themselves or their life, and you can’t do it for them.

    Depression is a tricky thing. I’ve dealt with depressed people, and it’s not as simple as saying to someone to stop doing things to make you depressed. That is clinical depression, though. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. However, there are the people who are depressed because they allow themselves to be. But it’s usually those people who don’t realize that they have the power to turn things around if they want to. I hate it when people sit around and are all “Woe is me” but never do anything to better themselves or get out of the situation. I’m assuming that is the kind of depression you were speaking about.

    Good discussion. 🙂


    • Oh I first hand know we can’t change anyone! They have to be ready. It’s not always easy… my boyfriend was literally drinking himself to death and I couldn’t do anything. He is now two months sober but not because I wanted him to be. And in all honesty, I don’t want anyone to change for me or because I say they should. Because then the change isn’t for them and their desire to become better.

      I guess I should have explained further on the depressed thing…. I know some people do try but are just depressed. I really mean more of the people who are depressed but then do absolutely nothing but bitch and moan and simply focus on depression. That is not healthy. But denying depression isn’t healthy either. I think it should be acknowledged, and then if nothing seriously gets better even after you’ve done everything you can, you might consider help.


  2. A fine post leaves a fine impression. 🙂

    I do question why it seems so much harder nowadays to have a discussion about issues where both people are opposing sides. When I was younger, none of these “issues” seemed to exist, and now, they’re everywhere. You can’t even turn on the news without some social issue popping up, and it’s a very tricky road once you get involved, especially when it comes to being a Christian, and choosing sides based on those principles.

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    • I think it has a lot to do with people don’t like someone else telling them why they view their opinion as wrong…? I don’t know, to be honest. I personally enjoy a good debate, understanding people better. I honestly don’t understand the reason why everyone gets so riled up over their opinion being challenged. I’m not talking court cases, but just in day-to-day life.

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      • I guess it simply boils down to the believes we hold, and since they shape ourselves, we believe that our view is correct. And when people of different views believe that they’re correct, there is a tendency to suggest that belief to the other person. It’s never really “forcing upon”, in my opinion, but it does give rise to some sort of inner or outer conflict among them.

        That’s just my explanation. I try not to get involved in that stuff unless the other person is open to ideas instead of shooting them down. But then I’d sound like a hypocrite.


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