Or my birthday…

This will probably shock many people. It shocks people I tell face-to-face. They stare in disbelief, question me- like I don’t know personal details of my life? Ook.

I have never trick-or-treated.

Not a single time.

Okay, let that settle. Now another surprise: I really do not care. I do not feel like my childhood lacked anything because of it. I don’t feel deprived.

I never dressed up for Halloween, either. The most my family did was go out to a buffet-style restaurant and eat. Oh, it was such fun! Such a treat for us. It was expensive taking us all out, and I loved our Halloween dinners. Especially when the buffet we visited had icecream! Oh boy.

Another bit of honesty: I really am not sure why we never celebrated Halloween the traditional style. I mean, I know people say because we’re “religious” but I really don’t know my parents reason behind it. And, I find myself not caring at all.

My parents loved me, loved us all. My parents didn’t raise me, us, to care about the world’s traditions, to be like everyone else. Rather, be us, don’t care if we’re different. Because different doesn’t automatically equal bad.

I can’t speak for my siblings, but for me personally, I am a stronger person because of how my parents raised me. I don’t judge or condemn anyone for celebrating Halloween the traditional style, it’s simply up to you. But I don’t find myself ever bemoaning the fact I never have.

I have been to one Halloween party, and I bought an outfit. Nothing sexy, more silly really. It was also last minute, so what can I say? I didn’t really feel like I had missed anything my teen years either, by going to the party a few weeks after my 21st birthday. I haven’t been to anymore Halloween parties either, or dressed up.

My friend tells me Halloween is kids favorite holiday; it’s so much fun, blah blah. And I’m just like really? Because Halloween was not my favorite holiday, nor it any of my siblings favorite (and remember, I have 8 [alive]). And I did have fun on Halloween sure, but not because of dressing up and getting candy. But because it was spent with family, getting food.

Anyway, let me start wrapping this up by getting the point.

When I have kids, they won’t be trick-or-treating either.

But not because of “religious” reasons, or because that’s how I was raised. But for this simple fact: how can I tell my kids to not take candy from a stranger, than send them out on Halloween to do just that?

I know, I know! It’s different, you’re there watching them. Trust me, I’ve been over every argument about my reasoning (but shoot me argument, I may not have heard allll….).

I’m not going to raise my kids one way, then for one day out of the year, change my mind. I won’t be that parent. I will be the parent who takes her kids out the day after Halloween and buy them discount candy, though. Keep in mind, I’m not at all suggesting parents should all change their ways because of my opinion, or that I judge/condemn them for taking their kids trick-or-treating. My three married sisters take their kids, and that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with it all. It’s me personally, I simply can’t-won’t-do it.

I understand it is different, though. You are typically at the end of the driveway or whatever, watching your kid go up and knock. But you have some very strong-willed, stubborn kids out there. Some kids are just like that- “oh mommy changed her mind, why can’t I take candy from this nice man today when last week it was okay?” They’re not going to piece together “Halloween=candy from strangers day only.” (I’m not talking older kids, more like toddlers.)

And maybe the above scenario is just baloney. I’m not saying that’s ever happened, but can you prove it hasn’t?

Maybe I will be ruining my children’s childhood the same mine was ruined, heaven help me. But I don’t look back with regret on my childhood. I don’t look back and curse my parents. No, rather I look back with love on them, for showing me how to have fun even though I wasn’t in sync with other kids my age. I love them for raising me the best way they knew how; and that even if it wasn’t by popular opinion, I still grew up pretty sane and smart.

And honestly, if I couldn’t get over my childhood and not trick-or-treating, that’s my fault, not theirs.


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