Confused Minds

Leads to jumbled thoughts.

I hear so much of “it’s my body, my choice”, “you’re not a woman, you have no right”, “unless you experience it, you can’t talk”, “it doesn’t involve you, so keep your mouth shut”, “the woman didn’t want to be a mother after all, and nobody can make her. It’s her decision.”, etc.

And I just sit here, thinking, to what extent does this go??

My body, my choice. Got’cha. But, how far does your choice triumph? Where does this mantra end? I’m not sitting behind my laptop screen being sarcastic, I am actually wondering.

There are restrictions. Sure, it’s my body, my choice, but there are still restrictions. Drugs (the illegal ones, even then you need a prescription for others). Drinking and driving. Your choice to drink, but there are/can be consequences to driving.

You have sex, pregnancy can happen. Maybe it wasn’t your choice to get pregnant, but your choice to participate in sex led to now pregnancy. So then it becomes “my body, my choice” and it’s perfectly A-OK to have an abortion. But what about the new life now rapidly growing in your womb?

“If I’m forced to stay pregnant, I’m just an incubator.” No, not at all. You are still a wonderfully unique woman who created life. But in the name of “empowerment” you want an abortion. How does killing the fetus empower women?

You’re not a woman, you have no right. I’m calling bullshit on this one. First all, women of the pro-choice stance are gung-ho with pro-choice men joining in on their right to abortion on demand cause. That’s why women are okay with the fact it was men who legalized abortion.

But abortion doesn’t affect just women. It affects men. And you can’t admonish pro-life men, without being highly hypocritical for letting, encouraging even, pro-choice men to take a stand.

Think about slavery. It didn’t affect whites, but whites took a stand opposing it. Were they in the wrong since, ya know, they weren’t slaves, and they had no right?

“The woman didn’t want to be a mother after all, and nobody can make her. It’s her decision.”

What about the couple who decided on creating a family? Why doesn’t the father get a say? Because it forces her to become an “incubator”? They decided together on the family, yet she alone gets to decide to end it? But that’s perfectly okay, isn’t it? Her body, her choice. Who cares how he feels.

But turn the table, and he no longer wants to be a father after all. Except he can’t get the abortion. He’s either stuck with a child and the responsibility he doesn’t want, or he can sneak her the abortion pill- and then face criminal charges.

Which brings me to this: how can it be criminal charges if it was just a “blob of tissue” and “not alive” anyway? How can it be double homicide if someone kills a woman and her unborn child? How can this be? Why the huge double standard?

If a woman decides to have an abortion for whatever reason, she gets away with it, and it’s perfectly okay, because she did the right thing for herself.

If a father decides he wants her to have an abortion, he’s suddenly a deadbeat dad, a horrible person, etc.

A woman gets an abortion, and is done. A man wants the abortion, but can’t have it. But is stuck paying for the child. It amazes me how it’s so okay for it be so messed up.

Unless you experience it, you can’t talk. Again, whites spoke against slavery, yet weren’t slaves. I never experienced child abuse, but I can for sure speak out against it. Nobody who says abortion is wrong is saying your situation is easy. (At least I hope as pro-lifers we can acknowledge that.)

Can we say for sure what we would do if in a horrible situation and ended up pregnant? No, I guess not. But some people truly do know themselves, and I personally know that no matter my situation, I would not abort my child. I just wouldn’t. Yell at me, tell me whatever it is you need to, but it won’t change my stance. Because I know myself.

It doesn’t involve you, so keep your mouth shut. A lot of things do not personally involve your neighbor, the community, the state, or whatever. Take for instance, that meth head next door. But he can be dangerous, so it kinda might involve you. You might want to look out for the people around you, and get the police involved.

That man beating his dog? Nah, it doesn’t involve you. But you care, don’t you? So you step in.

You find out your daughter’s classmate is being physically beaten, raped. It doesn’t concern you. But you step in.

No, your neighbor seeking an abortion doesn’t involve you, but again, it concerns you. You step in.

Just because it isn’t you personally, doesn’t mean you don’t care. Doesn’t mean you’re not affected.

So yeah, pro-lifers step in. Yeah, we want to change this abortion on demand. It isn’t about forcing our view on you, it isn’t about hating women. It’s because we care. And I know some random stranger’s abortion doesn’t involve me, but neither does the random stranger beating his dog involve me either.

I thought I understood the pro-choice side pretty well, but I read blogs, articles- and I’m just left with this. (All of the above.) I’m not close-minded, quite open-minded actually, but I just cannot grasp some of these quotes.

I’m going to close here in a minute, but I would also like to add that changing the abortion laws won’t change hearts. It won’t suddenly make unwanted pregnancies cease. It won’t make bad situations better. But rather than offering abortion to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, we step up and pitch in to help.

Instead of offering abortion to a woman being abused, we get her away from her abuser.

Instead of offering abortion to a teenaged girl whose parents gave her an ultimatum, we take her in.

Abortion truly has become an “easy” fix. It didn’t take away the problems. It didn’t empower women.


*This is a long post for me, and I thank you to those who actually read it to the end. I can’t promise I won’t ever post another entry about abortion again, so bear with me. Or don’t. But it is my blog, and I tend to share what’s on my mind, soo. Yeah, this topic may come up again. But for now, I think I got the majority of it out of my brain. These five quotes are the five I just can’t seem to wrap my head around. So this is me, thinking…And I know my above arguments can be counter-argued, but I seriously haven’t heard one that made enough sense for me to reconsider my stance on this.


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